Navigation in the Kyiv subway: the beginning

Why is this important?

Trying to figure out which way to go in a narrow transfer passage way
Too many signs at a subway station exit

Why do this?

Why not just copy-paste?

Types of stations on the M3 line

How do you make a navigation system?

Human-Centered Design (ISO 9421–210)

What have we already done?

We have completed the first three stages and are now working on the fourth


A leap into the unknown. One of the first project meetings.

Studying the usage context

A chart indicating points singled out by our team… but only Rey understands it.
A list of scenarios for further processing
Heated debates over how to fixate DMP’s
Subway navigation — it’s just like Battleship but more fun
Paper and markers — our favorite way of doing it
An example of breaking up one scenario into the needs

Defining requirements

Finding design solutions

Diversified thinking in action
A secret solution we’ll tell you about in one of our future articles
First-time sign fitting




Робимо зрозумілий, корисний та доступний простір.

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Агенти змін

Агенти змін

Робимо зрозумілий, корисний та доступний простір.

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